3 ways you can #StopTrump right now:

1Spread the Word The influence you can have on your friends and family is huge. Share this on your socials.


Make sure you're registered to vote right here. You can spare 90 seconds to #StopTrump.

3Spread Kindness

Though loudmouth bigots like Donald Trump can make the world seem like a hateful place, we know they only represent a small minority of people. Have you witnessed or experienced an act of kindness lately that renewed your hope for humanity? Share it with us here and we'll pay forward inspiring submissions on our socials. Let's #StopTrump + pay kindness forward.

Straight from the Trumpet of Hate

Straight from the
Trump-et of Hate

Real tweets from

Stop Hate.

Stop Trump.

Share these images on your newsfeed and your friends might just copy you. It's time to #StopTrump.

We are the generation that
will #StopTrump.
Let's start here.

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